Does This Sound Familiar?


You feel like you’re stuck in this vicious cycle of life. You often wonder what is the real purpose behind it all. You question if you are truly living your life.

Your mind is often overrun with questions, leaving you ‘zoning out’ often and without warning. You’re working hard and feel like you’re doing your best but still feel like you’re constantly unfulfilled.

You keep chasing the next milestone of getting a better job or starting your family but nothing seems to make you feel content with where you are. You’re starting to wonder what you could be doing differently to rid yourself of these feelings.

For those of you who are new here. I’d like to share a little bit about myself and my experiences.

In London, 1994, I founded the Raj Academy of Asian Music, which later became the non-profit organization now known as Raj Academy Conservatoire. Today it’s one of the top schools for the study and practice of Gurmat Sangeet of the Sikh musical tradition, teaching the art of playing ancient musical instruments of India including the Rabab, Taus, Saranghi Dilruba, Saranda and Jori. I am also a founding member of Naad Yoga Council, which was founded in 2008.

I have been able to teach and share my knowledge with over 30,000 students around the world including the UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Spain, France, and India.
In 2006 I became Professor of Musicology at Thames Valley University (now University of West London). I taught degree courses at the university in Gurmat Sangeet, Naad Yoga and Classical Indian Music until 2012.

In 2017, I launched the first documentary on Sikh Music called "Sikh Musical Heritage: The Untold Story".

This Japji course with Yogi Ji was a gift. It teaches about life and the art of listening and the art to think, which for me is a task for the rest of my life. I became more aware of my connection to creation and also the creator. The possibility to ask questions directly to Yogi Ji gives me great support.

I’ve been really enjoying the Jap course for the last 6-months or so. It’s been a really profound journey, a new way of looking at the Jap baani that I’ve been familiar with my whole life. It’s giving me new insight into contemplation, patience, and to being in the moment, being neutral and all of the things Jap calls for about seeing the one. It’s been a great journey. I look forward to re-watching the videos and continue learning.

I think it’s an amazing angle to look into this philosophy and it helped me anchor focus in the present moment. Very often we get lost in those questions, what might happen after we die? What might God be like? And we forget to address life itself. This is where the Jap course empowered me to bring my focus back to life, to the present, and to reality.


Iā€™m Ready To Shift My Perspective

Intensive Breakdown:

A chapter by chapter breakdown of Guru Nanak’s Japji Sahib to ensure deep understanding and clarity on each of his lessons.



 1:1 You will be given 4 1:1 calls with Yogi Ji where you can ask your questions so you can get the most out of this experience.

Judgement-Free Community:

You will be granted to the Jap Club, where you can speak with other students and ask questions with a 24/hr response time from Yogi Ji.

A 40-week, chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the Japji Sahib designed to help you achieve the art of contemplation through the ancient teachings of Guru Nanak.

Once you register, you will receive an email that gives you instant access to the chapters. You’ll also be invited to book your first call with Yogi Ji to prepare you for your journey.


When you enrol, you commit to diving deeply into yourself to work on shifting your perspective, achieving the art of contemplation and 4 1:1 calls to ensure you’re being supported on this journey. IF, after giving it your fullest effort for the first 30 days, you’re not already seeing life from a new angle, considering new ways of ‘doing’, and optimistic about your journey, we’ll return your money.


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