Yoga of Sound (Naad Yoga): My survival kit for life in a transforming world

sound life Oct 25, 2020

I ran into my elderly neighbour earlier today, and we had a quick chat about the weather and what is going on these days. “The world is going to hell in a handbasket” she concluded, “I have seen and lived through much in my long life, but this… “, she shook her head and hurried back into her house. As I was standing there, watching her vanish into the safety of her home, I realized that most people I talk to these days feel more or less the same.

Many are struggling with a sense of dread and uncertainty, and watching the news certainly seems to confirm the validity of such feelings: a raging pandemic, political turmoil, climate change and the looming of a global recession are all reasons to be concerned about our  future, and the future of our children.

My perspective on the current situation is this: the world is changing in unpredictable ways, and nobody knows where those changes will lead. The uncertainty, and the lack of control we experience on so many levels, stir up our insecurities and fears. As a result, stress, anxiety and poor mental health are spreading like an invisible epidemic.

The good news is that while I may not be able to escape it, I can learn to deal with it and transcend it.  You might be wondering: how could this be possible? 

There are many potential answers to this question, but this is mine: as a Naad Yogi, I have learned that I will never be in control of life – but I can be in harmony with it.


Sound, or Naad as it is called in Sanskrit, has a powerful potential for healing and transformation, and not just when you experience it in the form of music. Naad encompasses all audible sound; it is the vehicle of communication between your inner reality and the outside world. Every word you speak, every sound you make, is part of a process that is manifesting your emotions and shaping your experiences.


Isn’t this wonderful? You are not powerless, a victim of circumstance; instead, you are co-creating your reality every minute of every day. And that means that you can change, you can take charge of how you experience life and how you respond to what is happening around you.

And that brings me to the word “Yoga”, which derives from the Sanskrit word “Yog” or “Jog” and is commonly translated as “union”. It means not just “union”, but conveys the capability to unite body, mind and soul. To bring about this union, however, we first have to create connection and harmony between the separate parts.

Harmony, not control or the domination of one part over the other, is the key to our healing. Healing means to mend what is broken, to restore balance and create a state of wholeness.

I have experienced Naad Yoga as a process of transformation that has helped me to create harmony and bring about healing through sound and conscious communication. This ancient art doesn’t require exceptional talent, nor is it reserved for a privileged few. Everyone can learn it; all it takes is your voice, and a willingness to listen deeply.

Listen to yourself, to the words you say and the emotions that accompany your words. What are you really saying? What message are you sending out into the world? Explore your inner world, uncover your intentions, your beliefs, what you consider to be true and your dreams for the future.

This is where your journey begins, the first step on your journey of Sound Alchemy.


The conversation with my neighbour lingered for a long time in my mind. Yes, the situation looks bleak, and there are many reasons to worry and expect the worst. But we are not fated to misery – not as individuals and not as a community. Your words can change the world, your day to day conversations can heal, and you always have a choice.

I hope that the knowledge my teachers entrusted to me and that I am now sharing with the world will one day allow us to come together and make this world a better place.  I dream of the day when all our unique voices will blend together in harmony. Until then, l will use my voice to inspire hope – starting with my neighbour!



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