Sound Therapist

The healing power of Sound

The Sound Therapist Course is a practitioner-focused programme created for professional therapists and coaches. It is an excellent way to enhance your therapeutic skills and harness the healing potential of Sound. You will also greatly benefit from this course if you are not a therapist by profession. Developing your voice, learning how to manage your emotions and deepen your listening skills helps you to support family or friends, and gives you an extra edge at work.


The Sound Therapist Course uses three key elements to unlock your capability for authentic communication and emotional agility: listening, singing and silence.

In practical terms, this means that you understand your feelings and emotions, you know what to say, when to say it and most importantly, how to say it. Your enhanced listening skills will allow you to understand others on a deeper level and to discern between what is said and what remains unsaid behind the words. This can heighten your diagnostic skills considerably. Mastery over your voice and expression improves your communication with your patients. Your increased ability to be aware of and to balance your emotional state allows you to support others without draining yourself or being pulled into their emotional turmoil.

This course will take you on an intense journey of Sound and emotion and introduce you to a variety of techniques to practice and master, for example:


  • Vocal skills: master the art of expression and emotional connection
  • Meditation & contemplation: for inner communication and spiritual health
  • Deep listening: explore the connections between Sound and emotion
  • Breathing exercises: for better health and increased energy
  • Taal: master the rhythm of life for a healthy inner balance
  • Yogic Diagnose: for discernment & intuition
  • Energy & Sound: balancing the human energy system using rhythm and Sound


During your study, you will have the opportunity to work with real case studies under the guidance of specialist teachers. This will help you to apply your knowledge.


Join me on an exciting voyage of Sound, expression and experience to become a Sound Therapist!


Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh has developed the Sound Therapist Course and its content. Raj Academy is delivering the course in collaboration with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh. At the same time, Naad Yoga Council and its registered teachers act as facilitators for the course.

Are you ready for the most incredible journey?


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