Sound Alchemist

Transformation, Empowerment, Connection

Join me and learn how to lead a Sound Life!

The Sound Alchemist course is for everyone who seeks a deeper connection with life, a deeper understanding of oneself and a path towards inner peace. It opens a spiritual door to the human psyche using Sound. It helps you to establish a healthy balance between your physical body, your mind and your soul.


When you strive to master the interplay between Sound and emotion, you will come to know yourself intimately and learn to embrace both your shadows and your light. Here is where true empowerment lies, and true freedom - when you have won the heart of your mind and fallen in love with the voice of your soul, nothing and nobody can stop you!


Practising Naad Yoga increases your emotional agility, your resilience and your ability to deal with adversity. You will begin to act and express yourself in ways that support and restore your integrity. By introducing the wisdom offered in the Sound Alchemist course into your life, you become more centred and more in tune with your true nature.


When you become a Sound Alchemist, you can transform pain and suffering into bliss through the medium of your voice!

The Sound Alchemist course is for everyone, in any situation – even if you have a busy schedule and little time. You can learn at your own pace and in your own time, with flexible, unrestricted access to your lessons.

There is no learning contract; simply purchase your next course module when you are ready.


Core Modules

Core Module 1:

Saas Giraas 

Discover the power of your breath through powerful meditations with the first core module of the Sound Alchemist course.

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Core Module 2: The Yogic Approach of Natural Voice

Learn how you will lay the foundation for authentic communication and self-expression.

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Core Module 3: Rhythm of Life

Learn how observe and work
with the internal rhythm. The goal is for you to be able to diagnose and adjust the rhythm and tempo of your life.

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Core Module 4: Music & Memory

In this module you will be introduced to techniques and tools that have been used for centuries to harness sound for personal development.

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Core Module 5: The Road to Meditation

Learn how contemplation, as a tool of meditation, works to direct your focus inward and engage in communication with your body, mind, and soul.

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Core Module 6: Emotional Agility

Emotional agility means to be able to choose and utilize your feelings and emotions to fuel your creativity, personal evolution, and life choices.

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Are you ready for the most incredible journey?


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