Naad Yoga 

Teacher Training

Self- Mastery, Oneness, Service

The Naad Yoga Teacher Training is a course designed for those who feel called to explore the depth of their being through the medium of Sound, and to support their community as teachers, performers and leaders. The path of the Naad Yoga Teacher is a calling and those who walk it successfully share some characteristics:

  • A passion for both learning and teaching
  • Self - discipline and determination
  • An aptitude for self-motivated learning
  • An interest in self-exploration and self-inquiry 
  • A readiness to take on responsibility, both for themselves as well as the welfare of their students
  • An open mind to see and listen beyond what is visible.

Dilruba: The heart stealer 

The Dilruba us a beautiful North Indian instrument created by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This instrument will be the tool that you will use for this course. 

Are you ready for the most incredible journey?


Monthly Payments